New delivery options

A Thai company of transports and distributes connect to AEC


We are a company founded in 2015.By experienced co-founders.Logistic work for more than 20 years


We are willing to present.Service and consulting Transportation and Distribution Management


Our service Focus on Respond to customers and partners properly and cost-effectively


well Log

"Smoothly Works" The network connectivity, logistics and distribution network covers all services

Our Service

A comprehensive range of services

Consultant Give an advice Distribution planning

Management Manage transport plan

TransportsTransportation and DistributionServices

Warehouse Rent space for storage and transfer

Agent Transport Network and Cooperation

MinorService Provide freight services to retail customers

Delivery More

“Well Log is another alternative. We pride ourselves on providing services and consulting on transportation and delivery of goods or materials. In the form of satisfying customers appropriately.”

Service that meets all needs.

Telephone (+66) 0-2309-3675
Fax (+66) 0-2309-3535